Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quilt Show Countdown!

Quilt Show 2014L
It’s been a busy week getting ready for our guilds Quilt Show that starts on Friday.   Above is the poster I made for our show and displays our Raffle quilt.   I have remade all our name tags, entered all the quilt show entry forms into spread sheets, and printed off all the Story cards that get pinned to the quilts.   Had a few friends over to help cut out all the Story cards and brain storm about a few display posters we needed to make for the show. Also organised all the entries by size and location to where they will hang so *fingers crossed* that job goes smoothly!   
I wanted to share more pictures of our Raffle Quilt “Cattails in the Meadow” with you again as it will be drawn for on Saturday!   These pictures were taking back in the fall when I quilted it.
If you live near Flin Flon I hope to see you at the show. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Coastal Bliss


This is Rae’s Jelly Roll Race quilt and she used a Gemstones pack called Coastal Bliss.  The fabrics have images of killer whales, eagles, feathers and trees so has a great Canadian West Coast feel.  I used the Tickle panto with a medium blue So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

rae3 rae4

    The backing is a gorgeous green Minkie.


Finally getting up to 10’c during the day and the snow is melting fast!   Happy Dance!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Strawberry Social Quilt


This is Sandra’s Strawberry quilt that she made for her daughter who is excepting her second baby any day now!  The pattern is called Strawberry Social by the Pattern Basket but you can buy it as a kit with these fabrics from Fat Quarter shop here.  They call the kit Strawberry Shortcake.    Sandra loves lots of quilting on her quilts and said “quilt it flat!”   That is always fun to do on a small quilt. :)

sandra4sandra2 Sandra loves feather so I quilted feathers going clockwise in the outer border and counter-clockwise in the inner border.  Then feathers in the sashing columns, alternating directions.  Did a simple wavy design on the strawberries and used three different pink threads to match the colours in the strawberries.  Did leaves in the green stems and curls in the background.  In the small horizontal sashing I did the Onions and Garlic design, one of my favourites as it is fun to quilt.

sandra5 sandra6

The backing is really cute too!


Managed to get one ice picture as it is still getting down to –10’c at night but suppose to get up to +3’ today.  It’s very windy so I was very lucky to get his shot!   If your wondering how much snow we still have this should answer that!


Our guild Quilt Show is on April 25 and 26 so I have been busy getting ready for that this week so haven’t done much quilting.  Next week will get even crazier but I will share pictures of the show.  We have 165 quilts entered and it makes for a beautiful display in our community hall.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Midnight Sun #2


This is Barb’s second Midnight Sun quilt that her mom Marg pieced for her.   Actually is it made with the other half of the strip sets that she used to make the first quilt I posted here.   With this pattern you end up with two quilts that look completely different.  Here is the side by side comparison…they are made using the same strips sets just cut at the opposite angles.  Wow eh!


Barb’s son asked for this quilt and now has to decided which one he wants.  I hear he is leaning towards this new one as he loves bold bright colors.


The pattern is from the Nov/Dec issues of Love of Quilting magazine.


The backing is a bright red flannel and I used Quilters Dream Blend batting.  The thread is a very bright Yellow So Fine as Barb wanted the quilting to show in the outer border.   The panto is Fascination.

barb3 barb4barb8barb6

Friday, April 11, 2014

Rhubarb Pie Quilt


This is Trina’s Rhurbarb Pie quilt by Madison Cottage Designs, just the name makes my mouth water!  Yummy fabrics!    Trina lives down in Kentucky but she use to live in Flin Flon so I am very flattered that she still mails me her quilts to quilt for her.   The original pattern was for a 72” x72” size quilt and she ask from my help to make the pattern 90”x100” and we figured it out.


She asked for a panto design in the center and custom border.  I used the Rhapsody panto for the center and a leaf design in the border.  Quilters Dream Blend batting and Yellow So Fine thread.  You may be wondering why yellow as the quilt is mainly a light green but the yellow looks like green on the green fabrics and pink on the pink fabrics.  I always spend time auditioning different colors of threads on the quilt top before I start as I am always surprised at what color works…its never my first thought!

trina3 trina4

Today was a perfect day to take a quilt out on the lake as it is –16’ this morning.   It was melting yesterday but now that it has frozen again I can easily walk on top of the snow so made laying out the quilt a breeze!  Yesterday when I tried to walk down to the lake every step I took I was breaking though the packed snow and stumbling all over, my husband even got his car stuck in our driveway as it had a foot of slush on it!

trina5 trina6

The little ice rink was full of water yesterday from the melting snow but is now frozen over again.  As you can see it is now smaller than Trina’s quilt!  When I was in Winnipeg last week at the Quilt Show I found out from a vendors that sells our Highway 10 patterns that I am known as the ‘quilter who takes quilt pictures in the snow.’     I think I have a few more weeks of being that quilter…wonder what they call me the rest of the year?   :)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guild Quilts for Dialysis


Our guild is very generous with donating quilts to our community.  A few years ago we gave quilts to the hospitals dialysis department and we have seen that they have been well used and in need of new quilts.  These are just three of the many that will be make there way over to the hospital soon.


  This first one is quilted with the Starlight panto and I quilted this one sideways so the pattern runs vertical, not horizontal.   The pattern is called Bundle of 12 – Treetops.quilt7  quilt4

I remember this one was going to be a Bento Box quilt but the Key Lime batik bundle didn’t look very good in that pattern….or so the quilt member who donated this top to the guild said!  :)  She used the quarter sections of the blocks to create this original design.  The panto is Plush.

quilt2 quilt3  quilt9

The last quilt was made using the Bundle of 12 pattern and  I used the Feather Curls panto.  All the quilts have Dream Blend batting and Ultra Cuddle on the backing.  For the record I hate Ultra Cuddle as it is not really meant to be used for quilt backs like Cuddle is, I don’t mind quilting with Cuddle/Minkie.  I did a rant on Ultra Cuddle a few months ago  and complained about how stretchy it is but that was after the guild ordered two bolts of it!    So this week I tackled this icky job to get it over with, the ladies at the guild owe me big time!  :)

quilt5 quilt6

Great news….the snow is melting!!   Its +9’c and the sun is now shining!  The snow might be gone by the end of the month if we are lucky!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Star Fling Using Kansas Troubles

Here is another Star Fling quilt that was made by our guild and this time they used Kansas Troubles fabrics.  The other Star Fling quilt they made was pieced using bright coloured fabrics and had a totally different look.   You can see that one here.  This quilt is going to be donated to the Respite Room at the Personal Care Home in Flin Flon. 
The panto used on this one is called Wildflower and looks nice with all the tiny floral prints in the fabrics.  I used a light brown So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.
star4  star6 star5star7
Woke up to more snow this morning but the temperature got up to +3’c today so I enjoyed watching it melt!!!  Looks like spring might finally be making its way up north!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fabric Shopping


Just got home from a week down in Winnipeg for the boys Spring Break.  I made it to the Quilt Show on the Sunday and saw some beautiful quilts but I forgot to bring my camera!    But what I can show you is all my fabric shopping as the vendors were great!  I was in desperate need of some fabric shopping therapy as I spent most of my week at the dentist office, had three appointments to get a crown put on and a cleaning.  My cheek is pretty sore and bruised inside so I’ve enjoyed looking at my fabric and dreaming about what I can make with them.


Hamel’s had a booth at the show and that is where I got most of my batiks.  They had a sale $4.99 for half a meter so I stocked up there and they also had batik bundles at a great price too.  My main focus was on collecting purples and pinks as I don’t have many in my stash and then I found these gorgeous greens and rust prints too!


We also took a trip down to Morden and Winkler this week and I got a great deal on these two batiks at Quilters Den….they were in the clearance section at 50% off but I bought what was left on the bolt ( about 4m each) and got 60% off!!   


Then we hit Road 17 N in Winkler and I had a great visit with the owner Shari!   She has a lovely shop with modern fabrics.  This is where our Lug Nuts quilt is hanging as we bought the Little Black Dress II fabrics from her and she has kits made up if your interested.

I splurged on two fat quarter collections at her shop, Sphere and Wishes!


Our guilds Quilt Show is getting near and I have 4 guild quilt to work on this week so I’ll be posting something quilty soon!