Friday, June 23, 2017

Eagles, Luna Moth and an Update


On Sunday we drove to the dump and spotted 9 eagles high up in the tree tops.  We had noticed 2 eagles there the week before so I was prepared with my camera this time but didn’t bring my super zoom lens. I’ll do that this Sunday in hopes of see them again.  There were quite a few fledglings but they were usually sitting in a different tree from their parent, until this happened!


I was told the fledglings do not develop the white head until they are around 7 years old.


Then I also spotted a beautiful Luna Moth in my yard last week.  I had not idea what it was until I posted pictures on Facebook.  My friends educated me on this rare sighting up north as we must be on the edge of their habitat. It camouflaged very well on my plum tree and I’m surprised I noticed it.


And now an update on our move…we received an offer to purchase the house before putting it on the market so what a relief!  It all happened very fast and I am so happy to not have to show the house at a moments notice,  I can just enjoy one last summer here!   Possession date is September 1, now to find a new house in Ontario!

I have one last client quilt to share for June but it has been raining all week!  Hope the sun shines soon so I can get pictures.



  1. Kathy--Just last week I had my first Luna moth sighting. I thought I was so lucky. It had its day's resting period on a screen so it is so special to see your photos of it in a tree. I did some research. It does not have a mouth and lives for only seven days while it lays eggs.

    Congratulations on selling your house and getting ready for the next phase of your lives.

  2. Fantastic news on your house selling. As those photos of the eagles and moth.

  3. Congratulations on your house selling. What wonderful photographs - and how lucky you are to be where you can see this kind of wildlife.

  4. Well done, congrats on the sale, the moth, what a beautiful colour, and the eagles, Tidying up to have people come and look, we did that ALL again yesterday, and I continue to be hopeful. Like you, finding a new home that will suit is the next problem. September, a good time of the year for you to move, before winter sets in, and after summer heat is over.

  5. Congrats on selling the house!! I saw my first live luna moth 8 years ago at ghost River lodge in Ontario it was a thrill. Best wishes with finding a house then sorting, tossing and packing and unpacking and relearning where ou put everything.

  6. Are you sure that you want to leave all this fantastic wildlife, Kathy?? We are so dry here that its scary. We have gotten one one inch rain all spring!! We are sure praying and hoping for more and soon!!

  7. I see that the US's national symbol hightailed it to Canada. Can't say I blame them. Please buy an equally scenic house in Ontario, as I'd miss your picturesque quilt photos otherwise. ;-)

  8. Such wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing your wildlife and your beautiful area with us all. I wish you luck in finding your new home in Ontario, hopefully one with lovely views. I look forward to the time when you can continue blogging your craft and your surroundings. Your entries are always full of inspiration.

  9. How great to sell your home before listing. Now to purge, find a new home and move. All big jobs! Good luck, love the photos.


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