Friday, February 21, 2014

Fat Quarter Breeze Quilt


This is Robin’s Fat Quarter Breeze quilt and the pattern is from the Spring 2009 magazine Love of Quilting, the Easy Quilts edition.  She used beautiful teal and purple batiks and a purple Stonehenge backing.    The panto is Whirlygig and the batting is Dream Blend.

rm1 rm2rm5

I thought I would put Robin to work this time so I could get a full shot of her quilt.   She and a few other quilting  friends were going to visit another one of our quilting friends, my neighbour Marg.   I’m lucky to have a lot of quilters in our little cottage community.   I told her I would drop the quilt off and take a few pictures of her quilt off Margs deck while I was there.    I was warned to bring ‘big boots’ and after my experience over at Phyls I knew I would be pushing snow to get out into the yard.   Worth the boots full of snow as it is nice to get a picture of the quilt with it’s maker.


My friends were having fun watching me blaze a trail in thigh deep snow and took pictures of me while I was taking picture of the quilt !   The husky is a neighbours dog and she was helping me pack the trail as it looked like fun to her.  She wanted to play but I didn’t want to stay out too long as it was chilly and my pants were covered in snow!   The things I do to get a good picture for my blog! 

  snow1 snow2


  1. Love the colors in the quilt and how nicely the back matches. Great story, I can just imagine the laughs. You are a trooper!

  2. That is so funny :) I cannot believe how deep your snow is!! love your work :)

  3. Oh I see I got my wish of photos of you taking quilt photos in the snow.

  4. LOVE this quilt!! I'll have to try and track down someone with that issue for the pattern. Love your quilting design too and the backing is so beautiful. Kudos to you for braving the deep snow for the photo op! What we bloggers will do, eh?!